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President's Message - June 2018

Wednesday, May 23, 2018  
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I’m sure you have your Chevy “summerized.” Remember that term? Dealers and service stations used to advertise seasonal maintenance specials to get you ready for summer or winter. With precious few service stations around anymore and few repair garages capable of or willing to work on our older vehicles…it is up to us to do it ourselves. Be sure to check with your VCCA Tech Advisor for your year and model when you need advice. Their expertise is a major benefit of VCCA membership!

Don’t forget tires, brakes, battery, fuel and cooling systems before starting out to a show or tour. No one wants to be sitting on the shoulder watching the world going by. Let’s get out there, safely! If everything goes according to plan I will have a car in the Atlanta Concours d’Elegance this year, along with a VCCA display.

Our Annual VCCA Board of Directors meeting was held in Charlotte and we welcomed three new Area Directors; Jim Matus in Area 2, Tim Larson in Area 5 and Erv Steinly in Area 8. The following board members were ending their terms; Jim Martoza, Jim Amos and Chuck Gibson. We thank them for their years of service and dedication to the VCCA!

Our Interim Editor, Vince Taliano, is now our Editor. Though active in the Cadillac & LaSalle Club, one of the earliest photos taken of him is alongside his brother’s 1961 Impala convertible (pictured above). After getting his license in the mid-1980s, he drove his father’s 1970 Impala for a few years. We are pleased he is devoting his talent to the VCCA. He needs your photos and stories for the G&D, so please keep submitting them! We are practicing what we preach: get involved, help promote the VCCA in nontraditional venues, get more Regions started and participate in more tours and shows.

If you haven’t yet identified and registered for the cruises, tours, shows, auctions and concours events for the summer and fall, please do! Register early to help organizers plan better events and to be sure you can participate. It is tough to miss the deadline for registration—I know, it’s happened to me! Be sure to take a VCCA banner and some brochures along with you…every group of old cars and owners is an opportunity to spread the word about the VCCA. Also remember that auctions are year round; if you are interested in helping staff booths at Mecum Auctions or other events, please let Jim Matus, our new Event Marketing Committee Chair, know ( or 916-635- 8790 Pacific Time). Please keep your email address updated with us by sending a note to

The Vintage Chevrolet Heritage Foundation (VCHF) appreciates your generous financial contributions to preserve and digitalize manuals, sales training materials and catalogs. THANK YOU! The VCHF is how we save our Chevrolet and GMC history for future generations while providing access to rare information now to aid us in our restoration and preservation activities.

The VCHF is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization to which donations can be tax deductible. For more information on how you too can help “save the past for the future” please go to the new VCHF website or contact VCHF Treasurer Jim Amos (jamestamos1@

Have a safe June, enjoy graduations and family celebrations! Please look through all the Meets and Tours featured throughout this issue of the G&D, then let’s get out there and SEE the USA! I hope to see you on my travels this summer!

Yours through Chevrolet (and GMC),

Jim Gebhardt