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President's Message - March 2018

Tuesday, February 27, 2018  
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This is the month many of us can get back to work on our Chevys and GMCs getting them ready for those Spring shows, tours, swap meets and auctions. I can’t wait! It’s been a long winter with record snow falls in many parts of the country with temperatures so cold you could almost hear engine blocks crack.

We have big news for you this month! Through our efforts investigating other marketing venues for the VCCA we have found some common ground with Mecum Auctions.

Mecum is the largest collector car auction company and their January Kissimmee auction had nearly 3,000 cars, with the majority of them Chevrolets. The Mecum year round calendar features auctions throughout the US and Mecum would like to develop a relationship with the VCCA.

We need the exposure Mecum can offer the VCCA and Mecum would like to encourage more bidders to attend their auctions. If all goes according to plan it will be a win/win relationship providing an exciting auction experience for our members.

We know attending and bidding at auctions is not for everyone. You will see the first G&D Mecum Auctions advertisement elsewhere in this issue and additional communications are under development!

You can see we are practicing what we preach; get involved; help promote the VCCA in non- traditional venues; get more Regions started and participate in tours and shows.

It looks like my 2018 schedule is firming up! I will be at the Area 9 meet in April, 36th All Cal Meet in May, the Middle West Meet in June, the Area 8 meet in August and the Area 11 meet in September. Area 9 is having our 16th annual meet in Statesville, NC April 26-28…hosted by the Carolina Crossroads Region. We will have three tours including a private tour of Rick Hendrick’s Corvette Collection as well as a nationally judged show, and would love to have you join us! Registration deadline is April 1st. This meet was intentionally scheduled to tie into the Happy Days Tour starting on the 29th, just an hour away.

The Vintage Chevrolet Heritage Foundation (VCHF) continues to receive generous financial contributions to preserve and digitalize manuals, sales training materials and catalogs THANK YOU! The VCHF is how we save our Chevrolet and GMC history for future generations while providing access to rare information now to aid us in our restoration and preservation activities.

The VCHF is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization to which donations can be tax deductible. For more information on how you too can donate to help “save the past for the future”, please visit the website at or contact VCHF Treasurer Jim Amos at We appreciate your support of the VCHF!

The 2018 VCCA Board of Directors Meeting will be held at the Charlotte Airport Holiday Inn April 7th and 8th. If you have interest in attending, Sunday the 8th will be our all day meeting, with portions open to all members. Please contact me or Franklin Gage at for more information.

Spring begins on March 20! Let’s get out there and SEE the USA!

Jim Gebhardt