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The VCCA says goodbye to Mike, Harry, and Bill, and hello to Peter

Thursday, June 29, 2017  
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AFTER MANY YEARS OF DEDICATED SERVICE to the VCCA, Mike McGowan and Harry Jensen of Management & Publishing Services Company, the vendor that has served as our membership services staff, have retired to both spend more time enjoying the hobby—and specifically their Corvairs!

Meanwhile, Bill Barker, a longtime VCCA member who has served as the VCCA’s webmaster and chat forum administrator, is also scaling back on some of his VCCA IT duties to enjoy more time with his family and his old Chevrolets. 

After receiving the news that these team members were ready to retire at the April 2016 annual board meeting, the club’s Board of Directors appointed a committee to oversee a competitive procurement process for the functions of VCCA membership services and IT management services. At that meeting, I was asked by Mary James, then the VCCA national president, to serve as the chair for this committee. 

The committee soon began the task of developing two request for proposal (RFP) documents, and at the direction of the board, published them to potential vendors. Between the two RFPs, a total of 10 proposals were received from various vendors. After careful review, both the committee and the board unanimously agreed that Peter Gariepy of Tucson, Arizona, was the best choice to serve the VCCA in both roles. 

In April 2017, Peter began in his new role of IT services manager by working with each of the outgoing vendors to begin the transition, including migrating the VCCA’s databases and website to a new platform. Beginning on July 1, 2017, Peter assumed the duties previously handled by Mike and Harry; he’s now serving the VCCA as its new membership services manager.

In the IT realm, Bill Barker will continue to serve the VCCA alongside Peter and will oversee the chat site ( for the foreseeable future. In this month’s President’s Message, Jim Gebhardt will be sharing more about Peter and his background. Peter will also be sharing a bit about himself along with the new VCCA membership services contact information. 

While each of the vendor proposals the committee evaluated would have met the club’s needs, I am confident that we are fortunate to have Peter join our team. Please join me in welcoming Peter and thanking Mike, Harry, and Bill for their many years of service to the VCCA.

By Jim Karras
VCCA #43031
Area 1 Director, Orange, California