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Peter Gariepy – New Office Manager

Friday, May 26, 2017  
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A Bright Beginning - A word from the VCCA’s new membership and tech manager

By Peter Gariepy, Membership Services and Tech Manager

As the VCCA’s newest office manager (Editor’s note: And much more!), I was asked to write a message to the membership telling you all about myself and what I do for the club. Let’s jump right in! 

My name is Peter Gariepy and I am the VCCA’s new membership services and technology vendor. I’ve been a car fanatic virtually my entire life. For many years, I’ve owned and driven a number of vintage Chevrolets, including a 1963 Corvair, a 1951 five-window truck, and a 1973 Corvette.

I’m an extremely active member of the Antique Automobile Club of America at both the local and national levels, as well as being a senior master judge and the lead moderator and system administrator for the AACA discussion forums.

I maintain websites for a number of other car clubs, including the Cadillac & LaSalle Club, the Buick Club of America, and many other national and regional car clubs. 

As your VCCA Membership Services and Tech Manager I handle all your phone, email and postal correspondence, and I also manage the club’s website at

The website provides…

  1. …information to entice new members to join the club.
  2. …existing members the ability to renew instantly.
  3. …existing members the ability to access the Members-Only area within the site that provides many more fantastic resources!

Member must log in to get access to these members-only features. Go to and click “sign in”. There are instructions on how to log in on the sign-in page. Once logged in, go to the “Members Only” and “Technical” menus to see exclusive content for VCCA members. Features include:

  • Access to all available back issues of the G&D.
  • Access to the membership directory
  • Your personal profile management, including changing your address and updating the list of your cars
  •  The VCCA online discussion forums at

How to Contact Me

I’m happy to assist you with anything related to the VCCA! Email me at or call me at 708-455-8222 from 10am to 6pm CST.

It’s an honor to be your new membership services manager!

Peter Gariepy
VCCA – Member Services and Tech Manager
PO Box 41238
Tucson, AZ 85717
M-F, 10am–6pm CST